Surgical Scrub

I want to share my recent learning of the surgical scrubbing technique, as this is an important step before enter an operating room. Before entering an operating room, there are several steps to get you prepared and appropriately looked.

First, special clothes are worn in the operating room. The main purpose is to decrease the transmission of microorganisms between staff and patients. However, before putting on the surgical gown, scrubs are provided and used at the operating room’s changing room.


Steps to a successful scrubbing are–

  1. Turn on the water with your elbow, or if there is a paddle to turn on the water
  2. Rinse in order from fingers, palms, arms, and elbow
  3. Open the scrub pack and remove the scrub
  4. Rub your fingers, palms, arms, and elbow thoroughly (if the scrub is dropped into the sink, throw it into the trash and take a new one)
  5. Dispose the used scrub into the trash can
  6. Wash off all the bubbles from fingertips to the elbow (never from elbow to fingertips)
  7. And you should be good!


(This is the Betadine scrub the school provided.)



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