Types of Sutures
Types of Sutures Available Now

Before talking about suture knotting, it is necessary to discuss the purpose of suture. Suture is to hold a wound together in good apposition until such time as the natural healing process is sufficiently well established to make the support from the suture material unnecessary and redundant.

Good knotting technique is known for its ability to close off a perfect suture; as there are many methods of knotting, scars will be different correlate to the knot. Here is a video on different suture knots currently used in medical practices.


(Suture Material used this time)

A common method is the simple instrument knot. Steps to a successful simple instrument knot:

  1. Carefully remove the suture blade in the front and dispose it into the hazardous item container
  2. Place the string over and under your material
  3. Tie a knot without pulling it completely
  4. Tie the second knot and pull it completely
  5. Test the strength of the knot

This knotting technique can let the suture be closed completely and is easy to remove after recovery. This is a tutorial on how to get a good simple knot by hand.


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